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Bungakuza Atelier Showcase in December


Written by:MATSUBARA Shuntaro
Directed by:IMAI Tomohiko

Shinanomachi BUNGAKUZA Atelier

The Bungakuza Atelier Series of 2019 which set the "Three-dimensional theater movement-The future of theater and Kunio Kishida-" as its theme will honorably close with the latest work written by Shuntaro Matsubara who has just received the Kunio Kishida Drama Award with his work, Yamayama.
In current Japanese theater where working both as a playwright and a director is the trend, Matsubara devotes himself to writing plays. while the directing of his latest work will be attempted by Tomohiko Imai who will direct the Atelier Series for the first time.
Imai encountered a new meaning of value when he watched Matsubara's Wasureru Nihonjin which was staged by Chiten Theater Company.
We wonder how his new encounter will be woven into this story…

There are six characters in the story; a bride, a single, a girl, an immigrant, an agent, an heir and many more.
These six people who have their own futures bump into each other at the center of an intersection.
Time which passed like a flow of a river suddenly stops, so do passersby.
And the already unsettled atmosphere becomes even worse…
Will they manage to find any way out together?

The characters will of course find a way out from a story line like this.
Conveniently, it is not easy to clearly present what is happening "here" or "now" with only words.
That is why scarcity, friction, disparity and conflict arise, and people shout in anger or fall into silence one by one.
This is the common background to which the characters are exposed.
In a common background, something indefinite always occurs then unfolds.
What is absent in the "here" and "now" is not human rights, but a hopeful lyricism.
(Shuntaro Matsubara)


Born in 1988 in Kumamoto, he graduated from the Department of Economics, Kobe University.
In 2015 he received the grand prize of the 15th Aichi Arts Foundation Drama Award with his first play, Michiyuki.
His works were premiered at the Kanagawa Arts Theater (KAAT) by Chiten Theater Company: Wasureru Nihonjin in 2017 and Yamayama in 2018, with which Matsubara was awarded the 63rd Kunio Kishida Drama Award.
His other works include a novel, For Another Time and the play Kaorama.
He was selected as a Junior Fellow of the Saison Foundation.

IMAI Tomohiko

If one of the techniques of traditional drama is to skillfully re-create a likely conversation with likely expressions in a likely situation, then Matsubara's plays suggest a possibility of the world as we would like it to be in an almost impossible situation out of which almost impossible conversations are spun.
In this world where everything is divided, isolated, and turning into "things", people still regain themselves, and restore relationships by having a connection and a dialogue with someone.
The self and the relationship while being "here" and "now" will soon be transformed and connected with the past and future.
How far can the vector of connections radiate from the "here and now" of the Atelier?
I am looking forward to tackling this question with the actors.

Imai entered the Bungakuza Actors Institute in 1987. Since 1992 he has been a formal member at Bungakuza.
Awards he has won include the 31st Kinokuniya Theater Award's Individual Prize, the 9th Yomiuri Theater Award for the Excellent Actor, and the 62nd New Face Award of Minister of Education Award for Fine Arts.
He has recently appeared as an actor in, Taking Sides (produced by Kenichi Kato Office in 2019), Heresy- the story of Hideyo Noguchi (produced by Bungakuza Theater Company in 2018, 2019) and others..
This is his debut as a director for the Bungakuza Atelier Series.

OTA Shizuka

UEDA Momoko


KAMINO Takashi




Stage setting and arts:NORIMINE Masahiro Lighting:SAKAGUCHI Miwa
Sound effects:FUJITA Akame  Stage Management:OKANO Hiroyuki
Production Management:KAJIWARA Yu, TANAKA Yuichiro
Flyer and poster Design:YAHAGI Tamon


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★=Post-performance talk

Post-performance talk① 12.5.Thu.19:00
 YAHAGI Tamon(flyer and poster design, Book designer)
×UEDA Momoko(Cast)×YAMAMORI Daisuke(Cast)

Post-performance talk② 12.7.Sat.19:00
 MATSUBARA Shuntaro(Playwright)×IMAI Tomohiko(Direction)

◎=After the show, "Read and Talk Session for Kunio Kishida" will be presented as the preevent for the 70th Anniversary of the Bungakuza Atelier Theater.

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