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Bungakuza Atelier Showcase in May

『 Izureotoranu
All is well with "toton-toton"    

Written by:INUI Akito
Directed by:TOKORO Kanade
Shinanomachi・BUNGAKUZA Atelier

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This play is an original story set in Japan, but inspired by the well-known film "Over the Cuckoo's Nest", one of the representative works of the New American Cinema. The script for this production was written by Akito INUI especially for the BUNGAKUZA Theater Company. Inui won The Noma Literary Prize for New Writers in 2016 for his novel "A Dull Man: Actor, Takuji Kameoka", which was adapted to film that same year. Kanade TOKORO, a member of the BUNGAKUZA Production Department, directs the play. His philosophical adaptation of Shugoro YAMAMOTO's "The Story of AOBEKA, a Blue Boat" with which he made his debut as a director for the BUNGAKUZA Atelier Showcase was well received. In May of 2019, Japan will enter into a new era. We are proud to present this humorous drama of comically boisterous characters set within the World that depicts INUI's unique worldview.


In a hospital deep in the mountains, there are all kinds of patients: one is always trying to communicate with "something", one wants to make a debut as a musician, one engages in "slipper kung fu", one is eager to go home, one is wrapped up in a blanket, and one is an "on-the-way" patient. For all of these patients, their delusions are strictly managed and suppressed through treatments and consultations with the doctors and nurses. Then one day one man comes to the hospital, and…

■Written by INUI Akito

INUI Akito

Novelist and Playwright. Born in Tokyo in 1971. His grandfather is Ichio INUI who was the former representative of BUNGAKUZA Theater Company. After he left the BUNGAKUZA Acting Institute, he set up his own theatrical body, Tetsuwari Albatrossket which has ever since been active. In 2008, he made his debut as a novelist with the work "A Sigh of a Crucian", followed by "The Soup with No Taste" which was released the following year and nominated for the 141st AKUTAGAWA Award. "A Dull Man: Actor, Takuji Kameoka" that he received the Noma Literature Award for the new comer in 2016 was adapted to film by the director Satoko YOKOHAMA.

■Directed by TOKORO Kanade


Director. Born in Tokyo in 1977. Graduated from Tamagawa University with the degree in the Art Expression. He entered the BUNGAKUZA Acting Institute in 2003 as a member of the 43rd lass, and got promoted to a company member in 2008. While participating in many of BUNGAKUZA's performances as part of the directing team , he worked with a number of the great directors such as Nobuhiro NISHIKAWA, Hitoshi UYAMA, and Yoshisada SAKAGUCHI as their assistant director. He made his debut as a director with the work, "The Story of AOBEKA, a Blue Boat" which was presented at the BUNGAKUZA Atelier no Kai showcase in May, 2017. Recent works: "The Friend with Twenty Faces" for the Kids Theater (2017), "The Spectators" for the German Contemporary Dram Reading Series (2017), "Is Anyone Alive?" for the Graduation Showcase of the BUNGAKUZA Acting Institute Regular Course (2018), "Dr. Ghost" for the Kids Theater (2018).












Stage setting:ISHII Tsuyoshi Lighting:SAKAGUCHI Miwa Sound effects:MARUTA Yuya 
Costumes:MIYAMOTO Nobuko Choreography:KIGAWA Sei
Stage Management:TERADA Osamu
Production Management:KAJIWARA Yu , SUZUKI Miyuki , MAEDA Asato
Illustration and Flyer Design:FUJIO Kantaro



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    ★=After performing talk
    After performing talk① Sat.May.11th.19:00
                     INUI Akito(Write), YOKOHAMA Satoko(Movie directing),
                     TOKORO Kanade(Stage directing), SHIIBARA Katsutomo
    After performing talk② Mon.May.13th.14:00
                   KIGAWA Sei(Choreography), SAWADA Fuyuki,
                     HAGIWARA Ryousuke, SUZUKI Akiko
    After performing talk③ Wed.May.15th.19:00
                   KANOU Tomoyuki, KAMEDA Yoshiaki,
                     MAEHIGASHI Minako, IIKAWA Ruka


※Advance ticket sales starts on Monday, April 1st, 2019
(all seats are reserved, prices include tax)

◎Adult 4,300yen
◎Youth discount 2,500yen (UNDER 25 years old)※1
◎Admission at the door 4,600yen※2
  ※1 Youth discount tickets require age-verification ID at the entrance.
    ※2 Tickets can be purchased on the door of the performance. Please call [03-3353-3566] from 3 hours before the show starts.


◎BUNGAKUZA Box Office Direct phone number: 0120-481034   (10:00~17:30/ Monday to Saturday) ※Japanese only

Ticket Pia 0570-02-9999 (P-code 492-080)

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■Theater location

10 Shinanomachi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo TEL:0120-481034/03-3351-7265
5 min. walk from JR Soubu line Shinanomachi Stn.
9 min. walk from Tokyo metro Marunouchi line Yotsuya3cyoume Stn.



BUNGAKUZA 03-3351-7265 (Monday to Saturday)
〒160-0016 10 Shinanomachi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo