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Bungakuza Atelier Showcase in September


Written by:Tena Štivičić
Translated by:TSUNEDA Keiko
Directed by:MATSUMOTO Yuko

Shinanomachi BUNGAKUZA Atelier

Support by Embassy of the Republic of Croatia in Japan

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"3 Winters" written by Tena Štivičić, a playwright who is renowned mainly in Europe depicts the winters of four generations of women in one family.
Through the end of the Second World War, the prosperity and collapse of the ideal nation, and in the tumultuous modern times embroiled in globalism and nationalism, how do theybe true to themselves? Their profoundly passionate emotions burn hot enough to melt snow!
Director, MATSUMOTO Yuko presents the premiere of this play in Japan at the Bungakuza Atelier Showcase after an interval of nine years.

The Kos family lives in Zagreb. In 1945 after the end of the Second World War, Rose acquires a house of the bourgeoisie which was once owned by a Nazi collaborator. This is the house that Rose's mother once worked at as a maid and later was thrown out of.
In 1900, the breakup of Yugoslavia was decided, and in 2011 Croatia acceded to European Union We see how Rose and those around her lived through these three winters at each different times…
The history of changing Croatia is woven in the drama.

Tena Štivičić

Born in 1977, originally from Zagreb, Croatia.
Playwright and also an active writer for magazine columns in Croatia.
She graduated from the Acting school of Zagreb University and Goldsmith College, University of London.
The first work she wrote while in university “Can’t Escape Sundays” was staged many times as well as published and adapted to radio around Europe.
Her other works have been translated in ten languages, and drawn attention in Europe.

“3 Winters” was premiered in 2014 at the National Theatre in London, and won The Susan Smith Blackburn Prize the following year.
This work was also showcased in the Croatian National Theater in 2014.


From the 20th to the 21st centuries, women's way of life has significantlychanged, from the time education was said to be unnecessary to women through the time when people came to recognize that education was more important than anything. And now in the time when the idea of economy-supremacism is widespread, what is the definition of happiness for women? What has and hasn't changed for women? Can social justice be balanced to satisfy women's wishes both of her own happiness and the happiness of her family?
"3 Winters" is quite an aggressive work written by a Croatian female playwright, which sheds light on the problems in the modern society by observing the state of the world through the women's points of view.
The story of one family over three generations is a home drama as well as a story of one nation and one planet called earth. Watchingthose women struggle to protect their loved ones while trying to take responsibility for their ways of life should provide a spark for us to think of an eternal theme, "how to live your own life".

Graduated from the School of Literature (Theater studies major) in Meiji University.
She entered the Bungakuza Acting Institute in 1992 (the 32nd class), and was promoted to an official member of the Bungakuza Theater Company in 1997.
She attracted lots of attention by her first work as a director, "Sunflowers in winter" (written by Wishing CHONG, presented at the Bungakuza Atelier Showcase).
She went to London in 1999 to study for one year as an overseas trainee dispatched by the Agency of Cultural Affairs. After coming back from London, she presented a series of controversial works depicting the intercultural conflicts at the Bungakuza Atelier Showcase such as "Pentecost"(2001) and "Homebody/Kabul"(2003).
This is the first work she has directed for the Atelier Showcase in nine years.








ISHIDA Keisuke



KAMINO Takashi



Stage setting and arts:ISHII Tsuyoshi Lighting:KAZAWA Ayako
Sound effects:MARUTA Yuya  Costumes:YAMASHITA Kazumi Action coordinate:ATSUMI Hiroshi
Stage Management:KASE Yukie
Production Management:KAJIWARA Yu, SUZUKI Miyuki
Graphic Design:FUJIO Kantaro
Support by Embassy of the Republic of Croatia in Japan


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 KOSHIMURA Isao(Researcher in East European History, Professor emeritus, Tokyo Zokei University)×MATSUMOTO Yuko(Direction)

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